Summit Report

Sorry about the long delay…we have just reached our hotel in Gondar and can now provide a full summit report!

Summit Day Stats :

Departure Time : 3.30am

Reached summit : 10.40am

Time on Summit : 20 minutes

Distance to summit : 12,8km

Total Ascent : 1428m

Return to Ambiko Camp : 2.14pm

Distance : 12,3km

Total Descent : 1389m

More details below…

We woke up at 2.30am this morning and after packing up camp and eating a good breakfast headed out for the summit at 3.30am. It was a relatively clear night with a full moon and light winds.

We made good steady progress through the night, but were all waiting for sunrise to give us some added warmth. As the sun rose around 6.15am we were presented once again with magnificent views. However, the real challenge was the distance to the summit, which was longer than we expected.

As summit days goes this is a big day out with over 1400m of ascent over 12,8km and the final 100m involves a bit of a rock scramble which can be a test after a long climb. Finally, after just over 7 hours we reached the summit at 10.40am.

With clear skies and magnificent views all around we spent 20 minutes enjoying  the summit before commencing our descent. Given our time pressure to get back to Ambiko Camp and get a Land cruiser pick-up back to Gondar we had to make up as much time as possible and descended back down in just over 3 hours.

After a round trip of  25km and over 1400m ascent and descent we were pretty broken and had to jump in to our vehicle and commence a long 6-7 hour drive over the Bawhit pass back to Debark and then on to Gondar.

We are all now in the Goha Hotel in Gondar after a brutal day feeling exhausted, but elated with making the summit and seeing one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Africa.

We will post some more pics and slideshows over the next 24 hours.

All the Best

Doc, Mike, Charles and Tony

8 thoughts on “Summit Report

  1. Congratulations to all of you on a very successful last summit. It sounds like a spectacular part of the world. Have a safe trip home. Julian

  2. Congratulations to the team! What a fantastic achievement and experience. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Ange, Georgina and Thomas xxx

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