Goodbye Ethiopia

This is a final sign-off from this expedition.

As most people know we finally arrived a day late from Ethiopia back in Cape Town. Unfortunately, our Boeing 787 Dreamliner had a slight mishap at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa when the pilot practised his bumper car skills in accidentally taxing into a tug vehicle. This resulted in a 6 hour delay in our departure while we waited for repairs to be undertaken to the landing gear.

We arrived late Saturday night in Johannesburg and then flew into Cape Town Sunday morning.

Many thanks to everyone who followed the expedition and for the encouragement and support.

I would like to thank David Hunt and Shif for organising all the land arrangements and in particular thank Dejen our park guide who assisted us on our trek plus our superb cook, assistant cooks and mule handlers and of course our incredible 4×4 driver Abe.



I would also like to thank expedition suppliers including First Ascent (Atacama and Free Thinker clothing), Wyntec Solutions (Suppliers of Power Gorilla and Solar Gorilla), Tudor (supplier of Sandisk Extreme Memory Cards) and Zippisat (supplier of Inmarsat airtime).

Till the next adventure


Tony van Marken

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Ethiopia

  1. Thanks again, Tony, for the magnificent photos and keeping us up to date with your adventure! Just confirming that I was present when the decision to climb Africa’s 10 highest mountains together was sealed by handshake between you and Mike (I’m sure Charlie and Doc will join??!!!!). I think it is a brilliant plan!!!

    Thanks for organizing this amazing trip that the boys, I’m sure, won’t forget. Mike said that it was the most beautiful scenery he has ever seen, great food and lovely people!

    Looking forward to a reunion at our farm – have been given the Ethiopian cookbook 🙂

    See ya

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