Team reaches Ambiko Camp (3171m)

It’s been a long day…

After a long 18km hike we finally reached Ambiko Camp this afternoon at 5pm. We reached a maximum altitude of 4229m with a total cumulative ascent of around 825m and cumulative descent of 1456m.

We have just had dinner and are preparing for our summit attempt. We plan to get up at 2.30am for breakfast and leave at 3.30am. We are expecting to reach the summit at around 8.30am with another 3 – 4 hours to return to camp.

We have run out of power and will not be able to make another update until very late tomorrow. We will try and attempt to load a quick update if we get connectivity on our way out of the mountains.

We are all doing well after three long days.

Sorry not enough pics, just too little time or enough power on the laptop.

Summit fever is here.

Updates to follow.

Doc, Tony, Mike and charles

Arriving at Ambiko Camp

Arriving at Ambiko Camp

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