We have a four man team on the expedition as follows :

Tony van Marken (49)

The team will be led by Tony van Marken who is a veteran of over 25 high altitude expeditions around the world including the seven summits.



Dr Anthony Jackson (44)

Ant Jackson, the youngster in our group, is a top Cape Town surgeon and veteran of multiple expeditions including Mt Meru and Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Cotopaxi (Ecuador) and Elbrus (Russia).



Mike Bosman (52)

Mike is a former Springbok scout (in his younger days), experienced mountaineer, top notch pilot and leading businessman with a passion for adventure.



Charles Parsons (50)

Charles is a chartered accountant and experienced endurance athlete having completed numerous marathons and ultra marathons, but is relatively new to mountaineering and is looking forward to a great adventure.



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