Team reaches Chenek Camp (3620m)

After a very long day we have reached Chenek Camp at 3620m.

Distance : 17,1km
Cumulative Ascent : 967m
Cumulative Descent : 957m
Time : 8 hours 54 min

We are all very tired and are going to have a good dinner and hopefully a good sleep. All in all a successful day with summits of Imet Gogo (3940m) and Inatye (4070m). Tomorrow we have a 18km hike to Ambiko Camp before attempting our summit of Ras Dashen on Thursday.

Thanks for all the good wishes.

All the Best
Doc, Tony, Charles and Mike

5 thoughts on “Team reaches Chenek Camp (3620m)

  1. Hi Ant and team Keep up the good work glad to hear all well amazing pics. Enjoy rest and take care Love Brad,Col,Saul and Alexa

  2. Well done to the team on another epic trek. Keep going. You are nearly there!
    Daddy (Charles), we are very proud of you! (Ange, Gina and Tom).
    Thanks for all the lovely pictures. It looks awesome!
    I hope you all had a good dinner and sleep and all is going well during today’s even bigger trek!
    Looking forward to the pics and update later.
    Ange, Georgina and Thomas (and Chloe. Woof! )

  3. Wow !! I am in awe … Sensational visuals & an incredible journey … Well done to the team & look forward to hearing all in graphic detail …take care xx Lisa

  4. Hi all, well done so far! Hope today was equally as awesome…. Ant we are all so proud of you and missing you and sending so much love. Bells is doing great!!! Tomorrow is a big day- we are all right behind you in spirit. Good luck to all of you. Love Sars, Bells, Josh and Jess

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