The trek to Sankaber Camp

After about a 6km trek we have reached Sankaber Camp, which is at 3260m altitude. We had the pleasure of being totally drenched in an unusual rain shower, which should not be happening at this time of year.

We had a great walk with magnificent views of the surrounding valleys. The mountains are very green after the end of the rainy season and quite muddy.

We have just organised our camp and have settled down into our tents and are hoping that the rain will subside at some point.

Finally this trek has really begun…

Dejen, our intrepid guide !


Great views of the surrounding valleys


Getting drenched on the trek to Sankaber Camp

Charlie, Mike, Ant and Dejen

Finally reaching Sankaber at 3260m


4 thoughts on “The trek to Sankaber Camp

  1. Hi guys! Keep dry and warm and safe. Wishing you all loads of luck and an awesome experience.
    Ant… We are all missing you madly! X
    Lots of love SL, Bells, Josh And Jess

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