Team arrives in Addis

After a long flight from Johannesburg we finally arrived in Addis Ababa at around 8.30pm. We flew on the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, which was pretty cool.

Simien Mountains 2013 (Day 1)-012

787-8 at OR Tambo

Simien Mountains 2013 (Day 1)-011

Charlie, Ant and Mike

After a lengthy process with visas and customs we set off for a traditional Ethiopian restaurant for some folk dancing and a very interesting meal.

Simien Mountains 2013 (Day 1)-004

Charlie Mike and Ant with our local team

Simien Mountains 2013 (Day 1)-032

Traditional Ethiopian meal

We have now checked into the Adot-Tina Hotel in Addis and are looking forward to a good sleep. We will be getting up at 5am to catch our flight to Gondar in the northern part of the country.

Updates to follow…

3 thoughts on “Team arrives in Addis

  1. Hope you all had a good sleep and are on your way!
    Great pics of the team. Gina and Tom not too keen on the look of your dinner last night….hope it was tasty!
    Hope you had a safe trip to Gondar. Looking forward to the updates.
    Pet x
    Missing you, daddy. xx Gina & Tommy

  2. Hi Mike and Charles

    It all looks good. Enjoy your trip.
    “‘Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you”.

    All of the best guys.

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